Hurricane Harvey

What you are viewing is just one of thousands of homes in the Great State of Texas, this one just happens to be my sister’s house which is flooded but still standing.  Texan’s and most anyone along the Gulf coast has lived through the likes of many storms and for Texas Alicia, Rita that didn’t hit us but our good neighbors in Louisiana, Ike and Tropical Storm Allison just to name a few.  Hurricane Harvey decided to mess with Texas with 2 landfalls and a catastrophic rainmaker.  However, Harvey didn’t know that our state motto is “Don’t Mess with Texas”.  This is a motto we live by each and every day regardless if we are in the mist of one of the nations largest disasters.  Neighbors helping neighbors and anyone in need, Jim McIngvale aka Mattress Mack opened the doors to 2 of his furniture stores, Gallery Furniture, to be used as shelters, along with many churches and schools, and convention centers. Our great neighbors all over came in with boats and one in particular from Louisiana called the Cajun Navy 2016 came quickly to help rescue with their boats that can run through swamps and low lying water.  So what did happen in Houston, The Texas Area and The Louisiana Area…. all hell broke lose and hour by hour and day by day it seems to be better but in the “Heat of the Moment” we didn’t know if we should get out or stay and if we needed to get out how to get out  and where do we go?  This continues for a LOT of folks in the areas I have mentioned with mandatory evacuations happening in real time because of levees breaking and bayous, rivers and lakes breaking the record for flooding.   Our local reporters have been a God send informing us of what was happening and when to leave and how to get out and where to go and President Trump who worked with our local and state officials to get assistance quickly.  It has been one crazy wild ride and still continues to be one.  If you can physically help it is much needed in our state or please donate to this organizations hurricaneharveyrelieffund .  Also a HUGE shout out to our Texans football team for raising over $10 million with the JJWatt fund! Forever and Always #TexasStrong

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