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Welcome to Chatty Gourmet ™

What you’ll find:

  • original recipes: gourmet, classics, leftover makeovers…it’s all here
  • theme menus for date night dinners, dinner parties or simple family gatherings
  • side dishes and beverage pairings that change a meal into a culinary experience
  • beverage recipes
  • techniques and tools to make cooking easier and enjoyable
  • lots of (food and drink) chatting

How do you come up with your recipes?

The recipes on this site are my original creations with special contributions from friends and family.  They are inspired by my favorite restaurants and “chats” about new ingredients, techniques and tools.  From there, I test my dishes on a critical panel of judges – my boys, family and friends.  Sometimes it is hit, other times it needs a few more tweaks.  Once I’ve got it just right, the recipe is posted on Chatty Gourmetâ„¢.

Who takes your food photographs?

They are taken by me and some by friends and family.  My hat is off to professional food photographers.  It takes an artist’s eye to capture a meal’s color, scent and flavor in a photo.

How do you come up with your beverage recommendations?

The right beverage can make an average meal something special.  I attended many wine tastings with a sommelier who was a wonderful teacher.  For over a decade I have been using that information along with my own personal experiences to properly pair beverages.  Beverage research is ongoing, so let me know if you have a particular favorite.

Where can we “Chat” or where can I post a comment or question?

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and click on “Let’s Chat”!  It is a place for food chat of any kind.  Submit your favorite recipe, let me know how you changed one of mine or simply add a comment.

Julie Reihl

I grew up in a large family on a North Dakota farm where we “ate local” in our own backyard.  We enjoyed homegrown fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat.  My mom, Maxine, known as “Maggie”, was a wonderful cook.  She was creative in the kitchen and rarely followed a recipe.  There was always enough food for one more at the table and friends would drop by often for her wonderful meals.  After college, I traveled extensively on business and dined in places a country girl could only dream of.  When I was married my husband and I enjoyed recreating favorite entrées in our own home.  My boys, Zachary and Chad, are not as adventurous, so sometimes I just need a simple meal on the table, fast!  It’s all part of cooking for a me and my boys, but I like to think I cook like my mom, following instinct and favoring originality. My hope is that Chatty Gourmet™ continues my mother’s legacy of creative cooking and the way it brings people together.


Ellen Murphy: Contributing Editor

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Chatty Gourmetâ„¢ is dedicated to my late parents Maxine and Ralph Paulson who taught me where food really comes from and the art of cooking and baking.