Batidor and Molinillo

These are wood work masterpieces. My mom and grandmother have passed them on to me, Michelle. Because they are so unique and special I like to display them when not in use. The Batidor is the vessel you use to place the hot cocoa into and then using the Molinillo, which is the long wooden tool with wooden rings at the bottom, is used to create the frothiness of the drink by quickly rubbing the top portion of the Molinillo between the palms of your hand. By doing this you create quite a stir which gives you tons of magnificent foamy frothiness. If you are ever traveling in Mexico try to pick these up, so that you too can feel like a Mayan Goddess making a heavenly indulgence of hot cocoa. However, do not worry, if not planning a trip anytime soon, you can still recreate a frothy concoction merely by putting a chunk of Abuelita chocolate and warm milk in a blender. Thank God for modern day amenities.

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