Black and Tan

A black and tan is simply two beers poured into a glass that go perfectly together and create a unique layered presentation.  The two beers that are used are Guinness Draught 14.9 oz.(Ireland) and Bass Pale Ale 12 oz.(England).  The technique is quite easy and I have a step-by-step procedure for you to follow.  As you can see the Bass is poured in first and then slowly the Guinness is poured in suspending it at the top for a perfect pint! Slainte!

Black and Tan Technique

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  1. Mark Mosbrucker says:

    Couple of other suggestions, Guiness and Grain Belt Premium gives you a “Black Belt” Very tasty! Guiness and Blue Moon we dubbed a “Black Moon Rising” also very yummy. After extensive research we found that pouring the guiness over the back side of an ordinary table spoon helps to keep the separation. I know, lots of research was conducted at great personal sacrifice to bring you this, but it was well worth it…..Cheers!

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