Easy Calamari

Calamari is very easy to make and generally everyone loves it and will order it out at a restaurant, so why not make it at… [more]

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Edamame is a fantastic snack that is healthier than the salty chip alternatives. It is a soy bean and is a great source of fiber… [more]

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Mussels in a White Wine Butter Broth

Mussels are a fantastic and easy appetizer or entrée to make at home. Don’t shy away from them, because we have instructions on selecting them,… [more]

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Deviled Eggs

With all the colored eggs during Easter we generally tend to make up deviled eggs as a great appetizer or a side dish to accompany… [more]

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Baked Artichokes with a Pesto Butter Sauce

Artichokes are delicious and can be made many different ways. This particular recipe uses fresh artichokes that are perfect for dipping in the sauce along… [more]

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Italian Style Cheese and Meat Platter

Easy, make ahead and feeds a crowd – what could be better! This platter is perfect for grazing in that it can be served warm… [more]

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Mango Ginger Habanero Glazed Pork Loin Ribs

Using a jarred sauce is a simple and perfect way to make a glaze that sticks to meat or poultry. Not only is this dish… [more]

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