Easy Dinner Party Menu (BBQ Duck)

It is summer and that means grilling, BBQ and summer flavors!  Since I live in Houston I chose to do quite a bit of it inside, but on the flip side I also made it appropriate for those that live in more moderate summer climates where you won’t get fried before the food does.  No matter where you live, this menu will be a home run!  First off the appetizer is Halloumi cheese and it is a Greek grilling cheese that can be grilled in the oven as I have done or on the grill if you live where you won’t get burnt up along with the cheese.  The main course is BBQ and no matter where you live thank the crockpot because it is going to do most of the work for you!  Next a very easy dessert that features a summer time favorite - peaches!  Finally the beverage, which is a selection of wines for you to choose from that are dry pink rosés and pair perfectly with BBQ dishes!  Enjoy the fresh flavors of summer and have fun!

Halloumi Cheese Appetizer

Slow Cooked Duck with Caramelized Onions and Corn in a Hickory Smoked BBQ Reduction

Creamy Caramelized Peach Pie

Dry American Rosé Wines

Dry French Rosé Wines

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