How to Cut a Mango

Step1: Hold Mango lengthwise on cutting board. Slice about a ½ inch of the mango from the center.

Step 2: Reverse mango on cutting board, and cut the other side about a ½ inch off from the center.  Reserve the center part for eating as described in below.

Step 3: Cut the two remaining sides with a knife in a crisscross fashion. Try not to go through the skin.

Step 4: Flip the half inside out to expose the diced mango.

Step 5: With a spoon remove all of the mango from the ½ mango, discard skin.

Step 6: If not using mango for a recipe just sprinkle the ½ that has been scored, flip, sprinkle with kosher salt and enjoy!

Don’t throw away the center of the mango enjoy it as described below!

Step 1: Cut through the skin once on the center piece containing the seed.

Step 2: Peel skin away from center piece, leaving just the mango meat and the seed.

Step 3: Sprinkle seed with a little bit of kosher salt, eat around seed until not much mango is left. There will be quite a bit left and you will not be able to see the seed.

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