Panini Press

Panini sandwiches are a great alternative to an everyday type of sandwich. Not only that mix up the ingredients – they don’t need to be Italian!  I have to say that I went a little wild with the sandwiches, when I first got mine and I loved everyone of them and my boys put their own twist on their sandwich!  Not all of them are featured in my sandwich section, because they were a little off the wall, but have fun with it and mix it your way!

When using a Panini Press they have a locking mechanism as shown on the top right hand side of this model. It is the round knob. Basically after the sandwich is inserted, press down on the press to desired height and turn nob to lock. Sometimes the sandwich may try to slip out. When this happens, using a wooden spoon to push it back in and hold while locking. Be careful, because the press is hot.

For recipes see my Sandwiches & Pizza section or mix it up your way ~ Taste the Possibilities!

Panini – Caprese Style

Club Style Panini

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Panini

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