How to Peel a Prickly Pear

Step1:  Get the tools you will need – a knife and a cutting board.  You may need a towel if the pear has thorns still in place.  This particular one did not and a towel was not needed.

Step 2:  Lay pear on its side and remove the top stem.

Step 3:  Flip and remove the bottom stem, which also creates a base for the next step.

Step 4:  Stand pear upright and cut the skin as you would a pineapple.

Step 5:  Rotate and continue to cut the skin.

Step 6:  All the skin has been removed.

Step 7:  The pear cut in half, which is not required but for anyone who is curious about what is inside the pear – here is what it looks like.  At this point proceed to prepare the prickly pear per recipe instructions.  I do not recommend taking a bite.  I did and it doesn’t taste good – trust me on this one!

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