Samuel Adams Winter Classics

Samuel Adam’s brews are as American as apple pie and the brews are rich in history as is our nation.  I love what they have brewed up for our enjoyment.  Samuel Adams® has a great assortment of winter classics boxed up for our enjoyment.  The box of 12 beers consists of 6 styles; Samuel Adams® Boston Lager®, Sam Adams® Winter Lager®, Samuel Adams® Holiday Porter, Samuel Adams® Old Fezziwig Ale, Samuel Adams® Chocolate Bock and Samuel Adams® Black & Brew.  I have purchased the Winter Classics last year and it is slightly different this year and most and likely will be different next year too.  If you are not familiar with the various brews that the Samuel Adam’s brewery has to offer, invite friends and family over and pour up a few brews, taste, chat and decide which one is your favorite!

Reviewing the website, I summed up a brief history worth chatting about.  The Koch family created this beer generations ago based on a recipe from Louis Koch.  They decided on this name based upon Samuel Adams who was a revolutionary thinker who fought for  independence and inherited a brewing tradition and brewery from his father.  Without Jim Koch’s determination to go from door to door asking bars and restaurants to serve the beer he named Sam Adams®, we may not be able to enjoy this wonderful selection of brews.  Cheers to Jim Koch!

This statement comes from Samuel Adams website:  “We will never know whether beer was the happy accident of bakers, or bread the happy accident of brewers, but we do know that perhaps 8,000 years ago people in several distinct cultures independently invented beer.”

From the Chatty Gourmetâ„¢ – beer or bread we are all happy!


Samuel Adams® Boston Lager®
Samuel Adams® Winter Lager®
Samuel Adams® Holiday Porter
Samuel Adams® Old Fezziwig Ale
Samuel Adams® Chocolate Bock
Samuel Adams® Black & Brew


Remove cap with a bottle opener, pour into glasses and enjoy!)

On the box they give a brief description of each and is as follows:

Samuel Adams® Boston Lager®:  This beer is full-flavored with a balance of
malty sweetness contrasted by hop spiciness and a smooth finish.

Sam Adams® Winter Lager®: This brew is subtly spiced with a blend of freshly ground cinnamon, orange zest, and ginger.

Samuel Adams® Holiday Porter: Featured Style!  This ale is dark and roasty with a robust flavor and smooth finish.

Samuel Adams® Old Fezziwig Ale: Featured Style!  This ales has generous amounts of holiday spices balanced by a depth of malt character.

Samuel Adams® Chocolate Bock: Featured Style!  This subtly sweet brew is dark and rich with the distinct flavor and creamy texture of chocolate. z
Samuel Adams® Black & Brew:  New Style!  This ale combines roasted coffee with a rich, full-bodied stout for a strong flavor and intense finish.

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