Fancy Lawnmower and Weedwaker Beers by Saint Arnold Brewery (Houston, TX)

Ya’ll gatta love the names and flavors of these beers even if you don’t mow the lawn or weedwack!  I have had many beers (actually I have tasted all… [more]

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Hefeweizen Wheat Style Brews

Hefeweizen (pronounced hef-a-vise-en) is a wheat-style beer that I love!  Generally served with lemon wedges, Hefeweizen is the perfect beverage to celebrate spring or enjoy… [more]

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Pumpkin Spice Ales

Everyone is celebrating fall with pumpkin carving parties and fall dinners. Why not bring something worth “chatting” about to your next get together – pumpkin… [more]

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Apple Cider Beers!

Fall is in the air and apples are everywhere, so why not try a few fun brews that highlight these flavors? Apple Cider Beers tend… [more]

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Samuel Adams® Summer Styles

  Samuel Adam’s beers are as American as apple pie and the beers are rich in history as is our nation.  I love the assortment… [more]

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Irish Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and is perfect for a celebration with friends and family even if your are  not Irish!  This is a very easy… [more]

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Shock Top Beer!

I love Belgian-Style Wheat Ales and this brand so far has been the best I have tasted!  I know there are a lot more out… [more]

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