Fast Food!

It is that time of year when our family trades the lazy days of summer for the routine of school, homework and after school activities,… [more]

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Cooking in Parchment Paper!

Cooking in parchment paper or as the French call it “papillote” is an extremely easy and quick way to make a meal!  You can choose… [more]

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Latin Inspired Dinner Party (Halibut with a Mango Black Bean Salsa)

A refreshing dinner menu with Latina flair!  What’s nice about this menu is that the soup, appetizer (except for the avocado salsa), black bean salsa… [more]

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Light and Flavorful Date Night Menu (Pan Seared Cod in a White Truffle Oil)

Sometimes we need a simple, light and flavorful date night menu especially after the Holidays.  However, it is perfect for any time of the year.  The… [more]

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Hurray for Frozen Seafood!

My family LOVES seafood and it seems like I am constantly going to the grocery store to purchase seafood for dinner.  I keep frozen shrimp… [more]

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Pan Seared Grouper with a White Wine Lemon Butter Sauce with Capers and Artichoke Hearts

This is a delicious and easy entrée for date night or for a dinner party. The sauce can be made ahead and all you have… [more]

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