Michelle’s Bandera Shooter

After making the Sangrita, one of my friends who had worked in Mexico for years asked if I had ever had a Bandera. I said, I had not. She explained that it is made up of the colors of the Mexican flag. This makes sense because Bandera in Spanish means flag. The Sangrita is the red, the tequila the white and the lime juice the green. So I went home and made up a batch of Sangrita and made a Bandera shooter. I tried to layer it for more of an effect. It worked well for the Sangrita portion, but the tequila and the lime juice are similar weight wise, so it was a little harder to do. Use our Black and Tan technique to see if you can make it clearer. Keep in mind you are dealing with a very small glass, so it is a bit harder. Have fun with it – I did! The recipe calls for equal parts of the three ingredients listed under the Bandera shooter, so amounts will vary depending on the size of your shot glass and the number of shooters you are making. That is why there aren’t any amounts listed. Use a clear glass to visualize proportions from the exterior of the glass. See our Sangrita recipe before making these to make sure you have the ingredients it calls for.


Bandera Shooter
Sangrita (see recipe)
Tequila – 100% agave
Fresh lime juice (If you are making many shooters and depending on the glass size, plan on a half of a lime to one lime per shooter.)
Lime or key lime wedges
Kosher salt


Make Sangrita per our recipe. Using equal parts of each of the ingredients layer the liquids, starting with the Sangrita, then the tequila and finally the lime juice. Dip lime wedges into kosher salt. Drink shooter then suck on the lime with kosher salt.  Enjoy a taste of Mexico!

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