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In order to enjoy the true flavor of wine they should be stored and served at the proper temperature. For example red wine should not be served at room temperature and white wine should not be served icy cold. Also there are a couple of tricks to keeping opened wine and beer fresh! For more information see How to Serve and Store Wine and Beer.

Black and Tan

A black and tan is simply two beers poured into a glass that go perfectly together and create a unique layered presentation.  The two beers… [more]

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Gourmet Root Beer

One sip of a childhood favorite will take your mind wandering down memory lane. So why not enjoy this treat more often. The types of… [more]

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Linie Aquavit

While exploring my Scandinavian background (my maternal grandparents and paternal great grandparents immigrated to the United States from Norway) I came across a very unique… [more]

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Fancy Lawnmower and Weedwaker Beers by Saint Arnold Brewery (Houston, TX)

Ya’ll gatta love the names and flavors of these beers even if you don’t mow the lawn or weedwack!  I have had many beers (actually I have tasted all… [more]

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Pumpkin Spice Ales

Everyone is celebrating fall with pumpkin carving parties and fall dinners. Why not bring something worth “chatting” about to your next get together – pumpkin… [more]

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Samuel Adams Winter Classics

Samuel Adam’s brews are as American as apple pie and the brews are rich in history as is our nation.  I love what they have… [more]

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Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade

I know a lot of you are thinking – wine cooler – yuck!  And to a certain degree it is, but I found it to… [more]

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