Black and Tan

Step 1: Make sure you have all the ingredients and simple tools – a pint glass, spoon, bottle opener (not shown) and the two types of beers – Guinness Draught 14.9 oz. (Ireland) and Bass Pale Ale 12 oz. (England).

Step 2: Open the Bass and pour half of the bottle into a pint glass at an angle.

End result of step two.

Step 3: Open Guinness and pour half of the beer over a spoon into the glass.

Step 4: A pint of perfection – Slainte!

Ever wonder what that thing is inside the can? Here is a statement from the Guinness™ website The humble widget is no small feat. This plastic molded device sits atop the Guinness® Draught liquid inside every sealed can. When the can is opened, the pressure inside the can drops. A small amt of beer and nitrogen, trapped in the widget, are forced out through the beer. The surge is born and the famous creamy head that you find on a pint of Guinness® Draught served in a pub is created. The widget gives Guinness® Draught in cans the taste and texture of a pub poured pint no matter the place or occasion.

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