Grill Pan

Grilling is a great way of cooking a flavorful meal quickly and easily.  Quite a few things can prevent us from grilling – too cold in the winter (think North Dakota in January), too hot in the summer (think Houston in August) or raining.  With a grill pan no worries!  Grilling is not just for fish, poultry and meat, try vegetables and fruits too.

 On a very hot August day here in Houston I was grilling outside and had to use potholders to hold the tongs and any of the pans I brought out to put the cooked food on.  Not to mention the heat was almost unbearable hovering over the grill to turn the vegetables and meat.  So the next day I went to Target and bought a grill pan that I have been using frequently.  So as you meander the site and wonder why so many of the foods are grilled, it is because the meal was actually on a grill outside or on a grill pan inside!  Any grilling worries easily put to rest with this amazing tool!

The particular brand shown is Nordic Ware (how fitting considering I am Norwegian) and is dual purpose in that you can flip it over and it is a griddle for making pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches to name a few options.  This one spans two gas burners, but there are other types of grill pans that can be used on a single gas or electric burner.  See The Shop for my top picks.

Grilling Side

Giddle Side

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