House Cake Pan!

I bought this pan last year (2010) and my boys have had a lot of fun decorating it to match the season!  We thought outside of the box a few weeks ago and decorated it as a haunted house for Halloween.  Depending on what type of house you intend to decorate use a different flavor of cake.  The pan comes with a gingerbread cake recipe that is really good, but you can use a store bought mix or your favorite cake recipe to fill the pan and then let the decorating fun begin!   Here is a picture of my boys’ masterpiece!  I let them decorate it as opposed to me helping – after all it is for them anyway!   Even if the decorating wouldn’t come close to winning a “Cake Wars” contest they were very proud of themselves and thought it was a masterpiece!  To purchase see Cake Pan (Gingerbread, Haunted House and more!) in The Shop and have fun!

Here is a picture of my boys’ latest creation – a Haunted House!  I showed them how to dip the marshmallows in orange frosting to decorate as pumpkins but they got bored with that and just placed them all over to sneak a bite here and there!



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