Preparing a Hungarian Wax Pepper for Stuffing

This type of pepper is ideal for stuffing, because it has flavor with a touch of heat. As with any fresh pepper you can get varying degrees of heat. By using the technique below, it will take a lot of the heat out of the pepper. I like to stuff these peppers with mild Italian sausage and parmesan cheese. For a meatless version try stuffing with fresh mozzarella and an Italian bread crumb mixture.

Step 1: Cut from top to bottom with a sharp knife, only cutting into the center of the pepper. Do not cut all the way through.

Step 2: Pull back both sides of pepper to reveal the seeds and the veins of the pepper.

Step 3: With a spoon gently remove the seeds from inside the pepper.

Step 4: With a spoon gently remove the veins from within the pepper. This is where the majority of the heat of the pepper is contained. By removing you will still have the flavor and a little bit of heat but not extreme heat. If you want a hot pepper taste, just remove the seeds and leave the vein intact.

Step 5: Rinse inside of pepper to remove all seeds and veins. Let drain and proceed to stuff.

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