Skewered Delights (Chicken Souvalki Skewers)

Food on a stick never tasted so good!  Use fancy skewers as I have done with the dessert for an ellegant touch!  Simple ingredients are being used to create a delightful meal directly from your grill or grill pan. The Greek grilling cheese may not be simple, but choose one of your favorites or a grilling cheese that works for you.   Mother Nature not working with you ~ it is July/August in Houston or January/February in North Dakota ~ no problem use a grill pan or pop them in the oven!  Keep in mind that skewers are hot, especially the metal kind so be very careful when working with them.  The game plan is simple prep your ingredients, marinade most of them, skewer, grill, eat and enjoy!

Skewered Halloumi Cheese with Kalmata Olives and Grape Tomatoes


Chicken Souvalki Skewers with Skewered Potatoes and Onions with Rosemary

Marinated Pineapple Skewers with Ice Cream

Try Riva Ranch or Morning Fog from Wente Vineyard Chardonnay Flight

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