After Dinner Beverages

Finish your meal with a carefully selected beverage. The beverages chosen can stand alone as a great finish to your meal or can complement a dessert, fruit platter or a cheese course/platter. There are many to choose from, but we have selected a few of our favorites. Drink responsibly and enjoy!

The beverages selected often taste their best when served at the appropriate temperatures. The ports along with the Les Clos de Paulilles Banyuls Rimage should be served at cave temperature, which is 58 degrees; the others should be served at about 48 degrees. If serving at 48 degrees, don’t bother with a thermometer, take it out of the fridge to let it sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes, and then it should be about right. If served too cold, they won’t have much flavor. Port can be served at room temperature and will hold its flavor.


Dow’s Fine Tawny Porto (Pair with butterscotch and/or caramel type of desserts or a combination of chocolate butterscotch/caramel desserts.)

Les Clos de Paulilles Banyuls Rimage (Pairs with chocolate and/or berries.)

Orange Moscato Texas Hills Vineyard (A fantastic pairing for chocolate desserts!)

Robert Mondavi Winery Moscato D’Oro (Very versatile in that it pairs with most desserts, but is especially great with cheesecake, white cakes and fruit.)

Smith Woodhouse Lodge Reserve Port (Pairs very well with chocolate desserts and cheese courses/platters.)

Jackson-Triggs Proprietors Reserve Vidal Icewine (Pairs well with fruit desserts.)

Bottle opener


For the beverage chosen serve according to proper temperature, open, pour and enjoy responsibly!

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