Deglazing a pan means that you are pouring in a liquid, such as, wine or broth and scraping up bits from the meat that was seared or vegetables that have been cooking.  These bits are great for sauces and provide that extra touch to the dish you are making. Generally, sizzling will occur during this process and that is normal.  It will die down.  Just be careful when using wine or anything with alcohol, a flare-up could occur.  Try to stand back when deglazing or turn the fire off, if using a gas stove, add alcohol and then turn flame back on.  If a flare up happens, but a lid over it or just let it die down.  It will quickly and usually no harm is done.  Even though I have been cooking for a number of years with gas, flare-ups still happen accidentally.  Luckily for me, I haven’t gotten hurt, no singed hair and our house is still here.  However, my husband has purchased two small fire extinguishers, went over in great detail how to use them and placed them in our pantry just in case.  I have never had to use them.  Even with a couple of flare ups.

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