Elegant Dinner Party (Cornish Game Hens with a Cherry Port Sauce)

Dinner parties are fun and this one features game hens that are inexpensive and have great presentation.  The cupcakes are super easy and can be made ahead.  They will remind you of the Andes mint, which is a perfect ending to a meal!  Fresh, dried or frozen cherries can be used to make the sauce as well.  I chose not to open the bottle of wine for this feature to show you how pretty the bottle is with the gold around it!  Perfect for bringing to a dinner party where you know the host/hostess is serving something it would pair well with it – think light to medium robust wine with hints of cherries.

Clams Casino

Mixed Greens with Feta Cheese and Figs in a Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette

Cornish Game Hens with a Cherry Port Sauce

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Black Label Claret (California)

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