Holiday Beer Selection

Sometimes during the Holiday season beer is put on the back burner unless the big game is on. However, some of your guests may prefer beer to other beverages offered. Break out a few unique ones along with some great standbys and your guests may be pleasantly surprised to see some of their favorites plus some unique options. We have selected a few of our favorites sure to please beer drinkers and perhaps wine drinkers too. If you prefer wines or want to mix it up with wine and beer, please see Holiday Wine Selection. If you prefer cocktails, see our beverage section for great options on martinis, margaritas and other favorites. Each option is sure to make it easier to select an assortment of beverages so you and your guests can enjoy the Holiday Season. Drink responsibly and enjoy!


Samuel Adams® Holiday Porter (A robust malty brew. If you like Guinness® Draught you will like this beer.)

Samuel Adams® Chocolate Bock (A nice robust mix of ale and cocoa. Chocolate lovers, here’s your beer!)

Duvel Belgian Golden Ale (A great cross between a pilsner and an ale that should please most pallets from wine drinkers to beer drinkers.)

Fat Tire New Belgium Amber Ale (A great drinkable amber ale that should please discriminating pallets as well as novices.)

Bottle opener


For the beverage chosen serve according to proper temperature, open, pour and enjoy responsibly! To enjoy the true flavor of the beer serve at about 40 degrees.

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