How to Remove Lobster Meat

Step 1: Hold the body of lobster and twist each arm, until it easily breaks away form the lobster.

Step 2: Twist, or crack all joints within arm and remove meat from inside.

Step 3: Pull lower claw from larger portion of claw. Remove any meat that is attached

Step 4: Cover claw with a towel and with the palm of your hand hit the claw three times. That should crack the claw shell and let you easily remove the meat.

Step 5: Remove claw from shell, you may have to rinse.

Step 6: Twist tail from the base of the lobster. Rinse to remove any of the green part.

Step 7: With a sharp knife or shearing scissors cut through the tail shell.

Step 8: Once cut, pull sides of shell back. The tail should pop right out.

Step 9: Continue pulling sides apart until all of the tail is exposed.

Step 10: Remove tail from shell, rinse, and serve.

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