A Taste of Spain (Paella)

Creating a menu that captures tastes from around the world is fantastic for a dinner party!  This menu is not only easy, but a crowd pleaser.  The cheese plate simply requires placement of items on a platter, the beverage can and should be made ahead, and the paella has a mix of seafood, chicken and pork for your guests to have a taste of it all or select only the protein they prefer.  Also you can add your favorite protein to the dish with all seafood or leave it out entirely – mix it up your way!

Your game plan to make this menu is a breeze.  Make the beverage ahead of time (except for opening the cava), have your platter out and ready to place the appetizer items on and about 10 minutes before your guests arrive assemble the platter and finally have all of your entrée ingredients prepped and ready to go.  Keep in mind that you will need a large skillet for the paella if  you don’t have this type of pan.

Spanish Cheese Plate


Citrus Sangria

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