The Perfect Kitchen Assistant

Over the years, I have purchased some tools that I don’t know how I could have lived without and others that were less than great. Some of them are hand-me-downs from my mother and that is why you will be seeing quite a bit of that beautiful yellow color from her era! Hey, I am not going to knock the color, they do the job and better yet, they were FREE! A tidbit – go to garage sales or estate sales where a lot of times they are selling fantastic cooking tools for cheap! I have put together a list of my favorites that may end up being your perfect assistants in the kitchen!

Fish Flipper (Spatula)

Who would have guessed that a simple spatula could be a great tool!  (Okay I call it a flipper, but that is exactly what you… [more]

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Cast Iron Skillets

Cast iron skillets are a must for every aspiring cook’s kitchen.  I inherited mine from my Mother and they are probably over 50 years old.  They… [more]

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Grill Pan

Grilling is a great way of cooking a flavorful meal quickly and easily.  Quite a few things can prevent us from grilling – too cold… [more]

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Batidor and Molinillo

These are wood work masterpieces. My mom and grandmother have passed them on to me, Michelle. Because they are so unique and special I like… [more]

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