Chimay Flight

Chimay is a unique brew in flavor and has a rich history that we feel is “Chat Worthy”. Chimay is a Belgian ale made by monks. This type of bottled beer looks somewhat like a wine bottle and is corked. There are three dominant ales and are shown. Chimay’s website calls them by unique names: Chimay Triple, Chimay Red and Chimay Blue. The following paragraph comes from the back of one of the bottles of Chimay: Chimay Ale Pères Trappistes Première.

“The registered trademark “TRAPPIST” certifies that this ale was brewed within the walls of an existing trappist monastery under the control of the trappist community. A major part of the sales revenue is used by the monks to support charitable works. The exceptional yeast isolated by Father Theodore, combined with the purity of the highly protected water of the abbey’s wells, gives Chimay its unique richness. Since 1862, Chimay’s secondary fermented ales have neither been pasteurized nor filtered and only natural ingredients are used. To fully appreciate the pleasant sharpness and the light hint of bitterness of the Chimay Première, serve slightly chilled, in a wide-mouthed glass.”

As they state, it should be served in a special glass as shown. Because they are large bottles and are slightly higher in alcohol content (7% -9%) than a regular brew they should be shared with friends. Or pick your favorite and enjoy one with a friend. Drink responsibly and enjoy!


Chimay Ale Pères Trappistes Première Cinq Cents (Known as Chimay Triple)
Chimay Ale Pères Trappistes Première (Known as Chimay Red)
Chimay Ale Pères Trappistes Première Grand Reserve (Known as Chimay Blue)


Uncork, pour into special glasses, drink responsibly and enjoy!

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