Dutch Ovens and Pots

I consider my Dutch ovens and similar pots essential pieces of cookware in my kitchen. The nature of the heating process of the metal is key to creating the most flavorful dishes from simmering stews on the oven to simply adding drummettes along with a few other ingredients and popping it in the oven.  The Dutch ovens in back can go from stove top directly into the oven and the pots in the front are the same material, but cannot be placed in the oven because of the handle. They are perfect for making most any type of a dish and when I say Dutch oven or pot what you see below is what I am referring to.  I inherited my Dutch ovens from my Mother and that is why they are that beautiful yellow color from her era!  They don’t look as fancy as the other brands out there, but they do the job perfectly and better yet they were free!  I know some of you may be thinking that these are not true Dutch ovens because they are not cast iron on the inside.  However, I have cooked with a true cast iron Dutch oven and didn’t find any difference in the cooking process or the flavor.  So I will continue to use my freebies!

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