Radish Slaw

Radishes are a garden favorite and we enjoy them with bit of kosher salt. However, the bite of a radish is a little overpowering for our girls. This is why I decided to create this dish for my “Little Chatters” for all of us to enjoy. The rice wine vinegar calms the bite of the radish and adds a zing to the slaw. The mint is nice touch that I had to toss in from my garden, but is optional. Eat as a snack as we did or as a side dish. Try pairing it with our Grilled Pork Loin Chop.


1 cup of radishes julienned, about 7 -8 radishes
1/4 of rice wine vinegar 1 sprig of mint cut using the chiffonade technique
A sprinkle of kosher salt


Cut the stem and the tip off of the radish and cut julienne style. Add remaining ingredients, toss and chill or serve immediately.

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