Tuna Tartar Ceviche Style

This is a different take on the Asian version of tuna tartar. It is refreshing and a make ahead dish when planning a party. A little bit goes a long way and it is delicious! The recipe will make two of the displayed platters. If wanting an Asian flare, try Tuna Tartar Asian Style.


12 corn tortillas
Non-stick cooking spray
Kosher salt
8 oz. of sushi grade tuna
2 limes
2 avocados diced see How to Cut an Avocado if needed
1/2 cup of red onion diced
1/3 cup of finely minced cilantro


Spray 2 cookie sheets with non-stick spray. Cut tortillas into 6 pie shaped pieces. Arrange pieces onto cookie sheet. Spray additional non-stick spray over all tortilla pieces. Sprinkle tortilla wedges with kosher salt. Bake in a preheated oven at 375 degrees for 5-7 minutes until crispy. Check frequently, to prevent from burning. Remove and set side for plating later. Thoroughly rinse the tuna with cold water. Cut tuna into a very small dice. In a small mixing bowl combine tuna and the juice of one very juicy lime. Place in fridge for at least one hour. The lime will change the color of the tuna and this is normal.  In another small mixing bowl combine diced avocado, remaining kosher salt, juice from one lime, red onion and cilantro. Once ready to serve, place your freshly baked tortilla chips on the outside of a serving dish then add the avocado salsa around the inside of the platter as shown. Finally add the tuna and lime mixture to the middle of serving dish and serve immediately.

Suggested Beverage

Try Wente Vineyards Riva Ranch Chardonnay (Livermore Valley), Chateau Ste. Michelle® Indian Wells Chardonnay (Columbia Valley, Washington), Paulo Alto Reserve Vintage (Chile), Excelsior Chardonnay (South Africa), a Corona with a lime wedge or a mojito.

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