Asian Style Chicken Salad Pitas

This is a creation from leftovers. Whenever I bake a whole chicken or my Baked Chicken with Herbs I generally have a few leftovers. This time not only did I have leftover chicken, I had leftover Red Cabbage Sautéed with Rice Wine Vinegar, so naturally my mind went to an Asian style chicken salad. Quite tasty with a little kick! If you don’t have the Red Cabbage with Rice Wine Vinegar as a leftover make ahead and chill.


2 cups of leftover Red Cabbage Sautéed with Rice Wine Vinegar or make ahead
2 cups of leftover baked chicken diced into cubes
1/3 cup of Wasabi Mayonnaise or purchased kind
3 pitas cut in half
Romaine lettuce leaves as garnish or to be placed inside pita


Combine first 3 ingredients and place into the pocket of each pita. Place over the romaine lettuce leaves or slice romaine and place inside pita pocket. This will yield 6 pita pockets.

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