Vada’s Pecan Pie

My husband LOVES pecan pie and every time we visit his mom she has a pecan pie waiting! This is generally dessert that night AND… [more]

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Apple Cornucopia!

It’s no coincidence that a symbol of the back-to-school season is a shiny red apple on a teacher’s desk.  Apple season begins in September.  With… [more]

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Easy Tropical Style Dinner (Salmon with a Roasted Pineapple Habañero Glaze)

A combination of tropical ingredients along with Latin and Mexican Style ingredients come together to create an easy and delicious dinner!  The pie, soup and… [more]

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Ralph Paulson

My father was a simple man and generally didn’t like fussy ingredients.  Growing up on a farm and ranch the ingredients were fresh and delicious… [more]

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Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving menus are family traditions and this is one from my family to yours – enjoy!  I have displayed a variety of beverage options for… [more]

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Easy Dinner Party Menu (BBQ Duck)

It is summer and that means grilling, BBQ and summer flavors!  Since I live in Houston I chose to do quite a bit of it inside,… [more]

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Fourth of July Celebration (All American Burger)

The Fourth of July is not only a day for family and friends to get together, but most importantly should be remembered why we celebrate… [more]

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