Fast Food!

It is that time of year when our family trades the lazy days of summer for the routine of school, homework and after school activities,… [more]

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German Fall Dinner Party (Pork Schnitzel with a Mustard Beer Sauce)

Fall and German flavors just seem to go together beautifully!  Because Oktoberfest is around the corner or in full swing, this menu combines both flavors! … [more]

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Apple Cornucopia!

It’s no coincidence that a symbol of the back-to-school season is a shiny red apple on a teacher’s desk.  Apple season begins in September.  With… [more]

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Rustic Summer Dinner (Pork Tenderloin with Summer Vegetables)

Fresh flavors of summer – they are all packed into this menu!  Make the most of your fresh produce by focusing on ingredients that you have… [more]

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German Fondue Fest

 Germany never tasted so good!  For a fantastic Oktoberfest celebration make the entire menu or for a smaller celebration or just a taste of Germany… [more]

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Slow Cookers/Crock Pots

Slow cookers are a must for every home cook!  With a few preparations ahead of time, you can create a great meal with very little… [more]

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A Taste of Spain (Paella)

Creating a menu that captures tastes from around the world is fantastic for a dinner party!  This menu is not only easy, but a crowd pleaser.  The… [more]

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