Light and Easy French Inspired Menu

French food is not necessarily associated with easy, but this French inspired menu actually is easy in my opinion.  Not to mention on the lighter… [more]

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Salmon and Mussels with a Mixed Mushroom Sauce

This sauce is fantastic!  All the earthy flavor of mushrooms and rich as well!  I chose to put it over salmon and mussels since I… [more]

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Summer Dinner (Filet Mignon Skewers)

Celebrate Summer flavors along with the fun of using skewers and grilling!  Take advantage of the grill being on and grill the appetizer (mussels with a basil butter) too while… [more]

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Italian Inspired Dinner Party (Beef Short Ribs with Ravioli)

Create this menu as a WOW factor for your friends or family!  The short ribs are extremely easy and absolutely delicious!  Well everything is absolutely delicious in… [more]

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A Taste of Spain (Paella)

Creating a menu that captures tastes from around the world is fantastic for a dinner party!  This menu is not only easy, but a crowd pleaser.  The… [more]

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Mussels in a White Wine Butter Broth

Mussels are a fantastic and easy appetizer or entrée to make at home. Don’t shy away from them, because we have instructions on selecting them,… [more]

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Mexican Style Mussels

Various flavors that were used in previous dishes can be a foundation for creating a completely different dish. This is one of those dishes. I… [more]

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