Israeli couscous

Mediterranean Spring Dinner (Lamb and Vegetable Skewers)

Spring has officially arrived!  I know some parts of the country probably have some snow on the ground, but here in Texas everything is in… [more]

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A Taste of the Mediterranean (Tilapia with Fresh Dill and Lemon)

The focus of this menu is to combine Mediterranean ingredients with the fresh flavors of spring that can be enjoyed any time of the year!  A… [more]

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Baby Artichokes Stuffed with Israeli Couscous

The artichoke as you can see in the picture is a lot smaller then the typical artichoke. This dish can be made by using the… [more]

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Israeli Couscous with Mediterranean Style Ingredients

This style of couscous has a creamy and buttery flavor. The recipe features Mediterranean types of ingredients that pair well with the lemon infused olive… [more]

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