Baked Chips!

Since its March Madness time and St. Patrick’s Day is coming up I naturally thought of the potato and party food came to mind as… [more]

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Latin Inspired Dinner Party (Halibut with a Mango Black Bean Salsa)

A refreshing dinner menu with Latina flair!  What’s nice about this menu is that the soup, appetizer (except for the avocado salsa), black bean salsa… [more]

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Festive Tropical Dinner Party (Halibut with a Tropical Fruit Salsa)

Tropical flavors come together for a festive dinner party!  Other good beverage options to serve with the entrée is Paulo Alto Reserve White Wine (Chile) or… [more]

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Plantain Chips and Dip

Baked chips are a great appetizer and a healthier alternative to store bought chips. A plantain looks like a banana, but has more of a… [more]

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